Export Challenge

In 2015 the Metro Phoenix Export Alliance (MPEXA) was created with the goal of doubling the percentage of Greater Phoenix GDP from exports by 2025.

The MPEXA Export Explore Challenge Pitch Competition, implemented in 2017, is a program intended to entice more companies to learn about exports and also recruit new companies into the Export Explore program.

Qualified and eligible new exporters, under-exporters, and active exporters will be allowed to participate in the pitch competition fall 2017, as determined by the quality of their application and export plan. A judging panel will award a top prize valued at $25,000; a second prize of $15,000 and third of $10,000 to be used cover qualified future export related business expenses.

More information and application materials are coming soon! Questions? Contact Ruth Soberanes at info@mpexa.com.