National Export Strategy (Just Released)

When the container terminal at dusk, work cranes and forklift.

Released December 2016 with Letter from Penny Pritzker, Secretary of Commerce.

As Chair of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC), I am pleased to present to Congress the 2016 National Export Strategy. This strategy details efforts to increase exports from 2009 to 2015 under the National Export Initiative (NEI) and its successor, NEI/NEXT. The strategy further outlines the potential for even more American businesses to capitalize on opportunities to sell their goods and services worldwide and thereby support job creation across the United States.

U.S. exporters are essential contributors to the American economy, and exports played a critical role in the nation’s economic recovery following the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Under the NEI and NEI/NEXT, exports fueled a quarter of our post-recession economic recovery through 2015 and the number of known goods exporting firms, as documented by the U.S. Census Bureau, increased by more than ten percent, or nearly 30,000 companies, through 2014. In 2015, exports supported an estimated 11.5 million jobs in the United States, approximately 8 percent of U.S. private sector employment. This is up from 9.6 million jobs in 2009. Furthermore, firms that export have been shown on average to employ a more skilled and productive workforce and pay up to 18 percent higher wages than non-exporting firms, regardless of their size

Despite global economic headwinds, there are significant business opportunities beyond our borders. More than 95 percent of global consumers and 80 percent of global purchasing power reside outside the United States, and these consumers want to buy American goods and services. “Made in the USA” represents the highest standard of quality, value, and integrity. U.S. Government trade promotion agencies help American businesses provide these high-quality goods and services to global consumers by offering services and resources tailored for every phase of the exporting journey, from market research to buyer match-making to export finance and insurance.

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