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Explore Exporting

Explore Exporting

Small businesses looking to increase sales and profit, reduce dependence on the domestic market and stabilize seasonal fluctuations should consider exporting. Consider these facts:

  • Nearly 96 percent of consumers live outside the U.S.
  • Two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power is in foreign countries.

Here are six steps to help you begin exporting:

US Export Assistance Centers

US Export Assistance Centers

Is your small business ready to go global? It may be an easier step than you think. Advances in technology can make worldwide commerce achievable for many small businesses, depending on the goods or services you offer.

If you’re ready to explore the possibilities and challenges of exporting, U.S. Export Assistance Centers provide the help you need. These centers are located in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

Export Business Planner

Export Business Planner

The Export Business Planner is a free, customizable tool for small business owners who are exploring exporting. Using the planner, you can work through the critical processes of export readiness and planning via a ready-made, easily accessible document that can be updated and referenced time and again as your export business grows. If you have a successful product or service you may be able to increase sales and profit by exporting

Download the export business planner.

Export Success Story Videos

Export Success Story Videos,Finding Customers Around the World

Ninety-six percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States and represent two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power. U.S. companies that export enjoy business success with increased sales and profit potential. Exporting also helps businesses weather downturns in the domestic economy by being prepared to respond to foreign competition and global market trends. SBA and Visa co-sponsored an export video contest to find the best small business success stories. View the winners from 2013.

Export Loans

Export Loans

SBA provides a number of loan programs specifically designed to help develop or expand trade and export activities.

Learn how to Finance Your Small Business Exports and Find SBA export lenders near you.

Industry Reports


The Future of the Aerospace and Defense Industry in Greater Phoenix

The aerospace and defense industry is adapting and evolving in the face of significant budget cuts and reduced military spending. New opportunities have arisen in diverse sectors and overseas markets have grown.

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US Commercial Services

Top Markets Reports

Top Markets Reports

The International Trade Administration’s Top Markets Series is meant to help exporters determine their next export market by comparing opportunities across borders. Each report ranks future export opportunities within a particular industry based on a sector-specific methodology. The reports provide a detailed assessment of the competitiveness landscape within a sector, as well as the opportunities and challenges facing U.S. exporters in key markets. Each report is available for download. Interested exporters can also download or view individual case studies within larger reports.

Get Ready to Export Videos

Get Ready to Export

Small, medium, and large businesses all have the amazing opportunity to expand internationally, however there are several steps that must be taken to ensure that your company is ready to export. Find out the first steps to take by watching this informative series on export planning:

The Get Ready to Export Video Set:

  1. The Export Process Overview
  2. Are You Export Ready
  3. My Export Plan
Trade Finance Guide

Trade Finance Guide

The Trade Finance Guide provides the basics of financing techniques from cash-in-advance to government assisted foreign buyer financing.

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Basic Guide to Exporting

Export Guide

For American companies, exporting makes more sense now than ever before. Exporting has become a lot easier for companies of every size, including small and medium-sized businesses that may previously have found it challenging.

But exporting is undeniably more complicated than selling domestically. It introduces a lot of new and unfamiliar issues to understand and deal with. A Basic Guide to Exporting deals with these issues head-on. This book provides the information any such company needs to feel confident about selling overseas. Most of the chapters end with real-life examples in the form of Success Stories that prove it can be done.

A Basic Guide to Exporting addresses virtually every issue a company looking to export might face. Numerous sections, charts, lists and definitions throughout the book’s 19 chapters provide in-depth information and solid advice about the key activities and issues relevant to any prospective exporter,

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Market Assessment Tool for U.S. Exporters

Announcing the complete 2016 line-up of the International Trade Administration’s Top Markets Report Series. The reports are designed to be forward-looking market intelligence that helps exporters determine their next export market by comparing opportunities across borders. Each report ranks future export opportunities within a particular industry based on sector-specific methodologies and analysis. The reports provide a detailed assessment of the sector’s competitiveness landscape within key markets, as well as the opportunities and challenges facing U.S. exporters in select markets throughout the world.

The entire TMR series has 27 sector-specific reports. Each full report is available for download, or you can download individual components of the reports, such as country case studies or sector snapshots. The 2016 line-up of reports includes various sectors such as:

To discover the Top Markets for your sector, go to

To find out more about the Top Markets Reports Series, or to let us know what you think about the reports, contact Cary Ingram at

ITA’s Top Markets Reports are developed by its Industry & Analysis business unit, whose staff of industry, trade, and economic experts provide detailed analysis to strengthen the export competitiveness of U.S. industry and support strategies to unlock export and investment opportunities that benefit the U.S. economy.