What is Leaders EDGE?

In conjunction with JPMorganChase, Eller Executive Education presents the Leaders Executive Development & Growth Excellence (EDGEProgram which focuses on guiding Arizona business leaders to drive productivity, enable greater levels of innovation,  facilitate commercialization and increasere levance and competitiveness of their organizations globally.


This program focuses on building world class management and leadership competencies addressing development gaps in senior executives at select grosoflocalcluster organizations. This journey comprises a series of applied learning modules to help develop complementary skills and build relationships with other nearby business and institutions that contribute to their competitiveness. As a participant in the Leaders EDGE program you will:

  1. your organization’s ability to do business globally.
  2. your ability to adapt to changing market conditions.
  3. your organization’s ability to innovate today and in the future.
  4. greater influence in public policy to drive cluster friendly legislation.
  5. transformational leadership presence to inspire others to accomplish extraordinary goals.
  6. strategic thinking to enhance business growth.

When does the program take place?The program is a learning journey over the course of six months (May through November 2016). The cohort will meet once a month in either Phoenix or Tucson.Who can participate?Senior executives from Arizona businesses with annual revenues between $500,000 and $10,000,000.How much does the program cost?$500 per participant for the entire course Apply now to Leaders EDGE

Contact Tosh Hudson for more information at toshhudson@email.arizona.edu or +1 801-674-2309.

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